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About Us

Stacy Gerson Kahn has owned and operated Critter Sitters L.A. since 1989. One of the original petsitters in the area, Stacy brings her knowledge...

Dog Walking

Our reasonable rates for services are based on the number and types of pets, as well as the number of visits required...


Stacy and Critter Sitters LA have been such a wonderful addition into Lucy's life, and they have allowed ...


  • Daily visits include feeding, walking, providing fresh water, play time, walking, brushing and administering medications.
  • Dog park visits are also available.
  • Housesitting (overnight visits).
  • We bring in the mail and newspapers, put out garbage cans, alternate lights and water plants.

Services Area

The area we service are Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, Westchester, El Segundo, Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood, West LA, Mar Vista, Culver City. We are licensed and bonded. Excellent references are available upon request.
Licensed, Bonded and INSURED!

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We are available seven days a week, including holidays
One on one care for your pet is provided
Your pet will be in a safe and familiar surrounding and not left in confining cages
We are licensed, bonded and insured
Critter Sitters L.A. is a proud member of Pet Sitters International!
There is more to being a pet owner then making sure there is food and water available while you are at work or away from home.
A play date with the committed staff at Critter Sitters of Los Angeles guarantees your pet enjoys quality people time, whether that means a healthy romp in the nearby park or friendly companionship for an animal that stays in the house.
Reliable dog walkers are a valuable part of your pet's daily schedule, contributing the psychological and physical well-being of your four legged family members.
Of course, studies have shown that being a pet owner is also good for you which is why it is especially important to take the best possible care of your dog or cat.
Pet owners live longer, and that makes a healthy happy pet an important part of your well-being too.
Many pets suffer with occassional stress and anxiety whether their owner/pack members are away for just a few hours at work or a few days, whether travelling for work or pleasure. Critter Sitters offers loving companionship and dedicated care at reasonable rates.
When you go on holidays why shouldn't your pet enjoy the same opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery? We bring your pet right into our family environment where they have the chance to socialize with other pets while closely supervised in stimulating situations. At the end of their vacation you might find they are reluctant to return home!
Alternately we will happily visit your pet at home while you are away, providing companionship, regular walks, fresh food and water and, if required, overnight supervision.
Your pet is looked after in the familiar comfort of their own home. This has the added benefit of making your home appear to be lived in while you are away, a not insignificant security precaution.
Life in Los Angeles can be hectic - From play dates and dog walking to longer term pet sitting we can make your life easier for you and your pet. Check out our testimonials from satisfied clients in the Los Angeles area. Discover for yourself that we are reliable, reasonably priced and flexible to your needs.
From dog walks to overnight visits to longer term cat or dog sitting arrangements we can accommodate you and your four legged family members. Call (310) 490-2020 or fill out our contact form to discuss your pets’ needs today.